Tips for Playing League of Legends for Newbie

League of Legends (LoL), as long as an SKT Faker wins its glory in the realm of esports, has become an inspiration for every individual who wants to pursue esports as a means of proof or self-actualization. However, in the journey of maturity of every individual who is motivated to achieve achievements in esports, they often have to collide with a reality where we have to work hard to reach career glory. Get league of legends boosting on our website.

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Although impressed just playing games, but the reality faced actually seemed to exceed the workload of an office employee. The high level of competition in esports and pub games has destroyed many dreams of talented young people. Coupled with the lack of access to information that can help support the performance of gaming skills, how can a newbie participate in Worlds level tournaments! Therefore, for those of you who are just trying to play the League of Legends game or migrate from other MOBA games to League of Legends, you must know the following newbie tips so that at least even if it doesn’t reach Worlds, you can win a match with satisfaction and pride.

Understanding the Role
Within the League of Legends universe, there are five main roles: Top Laner, Jungler, Mid, ADC (Attack Damage Carry), and Support in the bot lane area. If you are still not familiar with this, you only need to master one lane first. When playing in competitive mode, of course, you only choose the roles and lane that suits your abilities. You need to remember that quality is more important than quantity. In this case, quality shows your ability to master a lane.

Make use of Vision
Vision, according to the translation, means vision. Vision in League of Legends is shown through objects called Ward. The type also varies from Control Ward, Farsight, and Oracle Lens. Each vision has a different function so you need to understand the usefulness of each vision. The main purpose of the vision is to illuminate the dark map so you can know the movement of the enemy both in terms of junglers, mid laners who want to roam and ganking. By knowing the movements of the enemy, you can certainly love your champion’s life more so that you don’t increase the enemy’s score.

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