This Is The Reason Why Magic No Longer Has A Large Audience

Lately, we are often treated to magic shows that are wrapped in extreme scenes and make us tremble. Although the aim is to entertain and attract as many ratings as possible from the audience, these actions tend to look dangerous to the magician. Far from entertaining the audience’s words. The spectacle that is supposed to give pleasure, turns into something scary. You can still get interesting magic shows from the magician gold coast.

There are several reasons that make people no longer watch the magic as before, especially if they invite their families, especially children.

High-risk magic for the attention of the audience As an entertainer, magicians are also required to present something that is entertaining so that the audience is happy. Yes, they think entertainment is an extreme thing that they have never seen. Although some actions are considered successful and attract attention, not infrequently there are also those who fail. Instead of entertaining, the audience actually worried about the safety of the magician.

There is no guarantee of safety Some extreme scenes that are served, often provoke questions from the audience about the safety of the magician. This proves that magicians can also lose lives in their own hands. Of course, through dangerous attractions that they often do. Even some sad events have happened to several world magicians. Although it did not take casualties, the magic model was very dangerous and had a high risk which could lead to the death of magicians.

The magic attraction that has strayed far In essence, magic is a tricky game that relies on speed, accuracy, and intelligence. In addition to entertaining, the pure skill that is served also minimizes risks that can endanger the magician himself. But unfortunately, it seems more or less rarely seen lately. The magicians tend to want to display something phenomenal and tend to be extreme.

Involves magic in each of its attractions Not infrequently, magicians often involve magical things so that the action runs smoothly. Usually, those who often present extreme scenes such as stabbing and cutting limbs, whether it’s someone else or the magician himself. In order to look like a magician, the use of magic is certainly not justified in any religion. Even though it seemed trivial, the impact caused by magic was quite large. Besides tricking the audience, the magician also risks failing with his magic actions if the request from the ‘magic owner’ is not fulfilled.

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