Improve English Language Skills

English language skills have become an important skill that needs to be mastered by the community to deal with the era of globalization that has taken place in recent years. Therefore, many ways on how to improve English language skills will be clear from this blog post.

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English basically consists of four kinds of skills, namely Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing skills. It is these four components that we receive and study in schools and other English language training institutions. Here are some ways to improve English language skills according to the four components above.

Various efforts can be made to improve our reading skills in English. Starting from reading short texts in the form of stories, texts or song lyrics. The story that is read first is not only short but must also contain basic vocabulary that is simple and easy to understand. Then from a short story into a series of stories, and then a full novel book.

How to improve English listening skills can be done in a variety of fun ways. From watching English TV shows or movies without reading the subtitles to listening to your favorite English songs. Similar to reading skills, this must be done in stages.

Speaking skills are active skills that must be trained and practiced continuously so that someone can smoothly use them later. In addition, there are a variety of online media that are able to give instructions on the correct pronunciation.

To master writing skills, you must first be mastered with Grammar, and English Vocabulary. Because both of these capabilities will help form good and true writing. To improve these two components, intense training is needed. To make it easier for us to master our writing skills, we can start by learning to write a short paragraph about our favorite topic, be it music or hobbies.

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