Erase The Habits Of Children Who Are Easily Forgotten

Does your child forget easily? For example, children often forget to bring home lunch boxes or often neglect their assigned tasks because they do not remember. Forgetful children also usually often lose their belongings and forget to save back to 儲存倉. If occasional forgetting is natural, however, if your child seems to have great difficulty remembering little things, try to apply the following three effective strategies self storage hk.

1. Don’t remind the child constantly
Children who forget easily usually have parents who always remind and solve their children’s problems. In fact, this is tantamount to underestimating the ability of children to carry out their own responsibilities. From now on, try not to remind the child too often.

When the child loses his workout clothes, encourage the child to sit quietly and think where the last time he used it. Do not immediately look for sports clothes. Before leaving for school, instead of reminding the child he must bring back his lunch box, ask, “What should you bring home again today, son?”

Initially, it is difficult, but over time the child will learn that the habit of remembering is his responsibility, not his parents.

2. Let the child feel the consequences
Occasionally, let the child feel the consequences of his forgetful nature. It is actually more effective in providing lessons for children than if you directly help and save children.

For example, children forget to bring a picture book when there are Fine Arts subjects. You don’t need to deliver the picture book to school. Let the child get his own reward at school. The reward will be more easily recorded in the child’s memory than if you save him.

3. Teach children to be more organized
Children who are neat and organized every day will find it easier to remember things. So, make it a habit to stick to a school lesson schedule that is large enough so that it is easy for children to see. Then, if he has to bring certain items for his subjects, mark them with a highlighter or colorful stickers. You can also get children used to recording school assignments in an agenda book.

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