A Bouquet of Flowers Other Than Roses

When asked what flowers are most often used as a bouquet of flowers at a wedding? Roses are probably one of the most common answers. Roses are indeed flowers that have extraordinary charm, their beautiful and attractive colors and shapes make them very popular among various groups. However, have you ever thought of replacing a rose with another flower to be a bouquet for a wedding day? You can get the bouquet on asda flowers.

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Apparently, there are still many other plants that can be used to replace roses to be used as flower bouquets. The following are some flower inspirations that will make your bouquet unique and different from others.

Maybe this plant is still foreign and you’ve never seen before. This succulent plant can be used as a central flower in the bouquet so that it will add more beauty when you hold it. White roses around him will add beauty on your wedding day.

If orchids are usually the most expensive ornamental plants, they can be used as a bouquet. You can choose the purple orchids so that their striking colors can attract attention and choose matching colors as a companion.

The shape is small and beautiful is often used as a motif for clothing, accessories and various other objects. Well, if you really like this type of flower, it can be used for flower bouquets on your wedding day later.

If you want to make your bouquet memorable, just choose a large ranunculus flower. It turns out that you don’t have to buy real flowers. You can make them from colorful paper to make them, all day this flower won’t wilt.

The mix of Vegetables and Fruits
For lovers of vegetables and fruit, this bouquet can be an option. The combination of vegetables and fruit adds freshness to the white roses around it. This is perfect for you who are planning to have an outdoor wedding. The atmosphere will be more fresh and lively with a bouquet of flowers that attract the attention of this crowd.

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